Maha Al Otaibi, a Kuwaiti-born woman, who at the time lived in New York City, found it difficult to find a foundation in the market that matched her skin tone and sensitivities.

After several visits to a dermatologist, she was finally introduced to a loose powder substance (called ‘Mineral Powder’) which not only gave a sun-block protection but also an instant cover with a very flawless look!

Thererafter, by conducting several researches and communicating with several mineral factories in The United States, Maha started to experiment these mineral powders on her skin by blending colors of the mineral pigments.


In the early 2000’s, Maha introduced the mineral makeup in The State of Kuwait. Successively, ‘Madly Yours’ was proudly born. A small villa-type shop was opened in Al Jabriah (Kuwait) by Maha. Many Kuwaiti women found this type of makeup highly favourable. Maha then launched the Brand - Madly Yours and more than 2000 visitors were present at The Behbehani Villa Complex in Kuwait City for the launch, to express their Loyalty and Satisfaction to the brand.


Now, the “Talented” Maha Al-Otaibi spends most of her time in her laboratory developing newer formulas and shades to define exclusive products that can be the ultimate match for all skin types keeping the skin young, tender and flawless.



Her inspirational art of “Cooking” (or call it “Baking”!) The Makeup, re-defines the methodology of Contouring and Concealing. With its mineral simplicity and technologically advanced formulas, Madly Yours, is on the way to become a leading brand in Mineral Makeup.